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Best Kirkland Coffees in 2021

It is one of the best brands from Costco. There is no doubt you might have heard about this wholesale and retail chain. It is good to know that this company is a membership only. In the last couple of years, this company has been establishing stores across many towns in the United States of America.

They have been partnering with Starbucks for a very long time. Starbucks entails a multinational chain of coffee which the main role is to roast coffee beans from the Kirkland coffee. They consist of multinational chains of coffee outlets.

The Bestselling Kirkland Coffees Reviewed – October 2021​

Bestseller No. 1
Kirkland Signature 100 Colombian 3 Pound, coffee, 48 Oz (SYNCHKG129194)
  • Item Package Dimension:15.24 centimeters L x16.0 centimeters W x18.03 centimeters H
  • Item Package Weight:3.5 pounds
  • Product Type:COFFEE
  • Country of Origin: United States
Bestseller No. 3
KIRKLAND SIGNATURE Organic Pacific Bold Dark-Roast Coffee, K-Cup Pods, 120 Count
  • Certified USDA Organic by QAI.
  • Fair Trade Certified.
  • 100% Arabica Coffee.
  • Made in USA.
  • Size: 120 K-Cup Pods Each Box.
  • Specialty: Certified Organic
Bestseller No. 5
Kirkland Signature Colombian Supremo Whole Bean Coffee, 3 Pound (2 Pack)
  • Kirkland signature Colombian supreme whole bean coffee
  • Delicious whole bean roasted coffee
  • Medium roast coffee
  • Net Wt. 3 Lb Bag Each
Bestseller No. 6
Bestseller No. 8
Kirkland Signature Organic Medium Blend Roast, Recyclable K Cup Pods, 3 lb, 120 Count
  • The package length of the product is 6 inches
  • The package width of the product is 5 inches
  • The package height of the product is 4 inches
  • The package weight of the product is 4 pounds
Bestseller No. 9

You can find Kirkland coffee in both whole bean form or in pre-ground form. You will also come across some blends that are organically brewed. Some of the blends are also compliant with the fair trade policies. That is the reason why this brand is compatible with people who are environmentally conscientious. It will be the perfect coffee if you are among those people who like taking coffee that does not harm your health.

Usually, this type of coffee comes in dark roast and medium roast. This enables it to cater for a wide range of uses. You have the freedom to choose a coffee that will retain more of its coffee bean essence. It is also worth noting that most of their coffee lines are made up of 100% Arabica beans. However, the highly regarded Columbian coffee provides 100% Columbian beans.

Reasons why you should purchase Kirkland coffee

You can agree with me that indeed the market is full of numerous brands and big corporations who deal with coffee. It can be an overwhelming task choosing the best coffee brands in terms of quality and flavor. You will be wasting a lot of time if you opt to taste the many brands that have emerged over the years. It will also take a lot of energy and money to do that. In time, most of the coffee may start to taste more or less the same. Fortunately, Kirkland coffee is here for you.

People who have been lucky to come across this coffee brand has praised it as a high quality coffee. Unlike other coffee brands in the market, this coffee brand has nothing that prevent it from presenting itself accordingly. There are numerous reasons why you should consider trying this coffee brand. This is the right time to invest your hard earned cash in Kirkland coffee more so if you are a big fan of medium and dark roasted ground Arabica.

In this section, we will take a close look at the multiple reasons that make this coffee brand worth trying.

Kirkland has a unique flavor

The Starbucks roasted coffee from Kirkland coffee will carry the unique signature Starbucks. If you have taken this signature in the past, then you can attest that it is smoky. Additionally, it does not have any extra undertones. It is said that most coffee beans carry fruity and floral notes. That is not the case with this coffee brand. It is known to have an intense dark roast that overpowers such underlying flavors.

You should try this offering if you are among those people who love the burnt coffee taste of Starbucks. There is no doubt you would not want to pay the premium price that comes with it.

On the other hand, this house blend is popular for offering medium roasted coffee beans. Furthermore, these coffee beans carry notable flavors and note that coffee is known for. It is very easy to recognize this signature roast if you are a coffee lover simply because it contains complex notes. The most beneficial notes in this signature include cedar, almond and dark chocolate. You will also like the citrus aroma that comes with this blend. The aroma in it is very similar to that of grapefruits and sweat earth.

From a close look, the difference between the Starbucks and Signature Medium Roast is laudable. These lines are the best from the Kirkland coffee. Besides their extreme versatility, they can cater for different preferences.

Kirkland coffee has a complex blend of aroma

Similar to its flavors, the aromas offered by the various lines of Kirkland coffee is very unique. It is important to keep in mind that the medium roast from Kirkland coffee carries aromatic notes of almond. It also has dark chocolate. On the other hand, the Starbucks dark roast boasts of the dark roast. This dark roast carries the rich charred notes characteristic. This unique characteristic is carried through after intense roasting.

Other coffee lines have a light finish in the mouth. In the end, this will complete the experience of each mouthful. In turn, this will leave a dry aftertaste. The aftertaste is still quite rich.


kirkland brand coffee beans

Their mission is to provide and improve the quality of the coffee. That is why they have been minimizing any toxic effects in their coffee. It has been discovered that using pesticides and insecticides upsurge the yield of crops. They may also help farmers meet their market needs. However, there are more chances of getting a toxic system if you consider using such methods.

Unlike other coffees in the market, Kirkland coffee blends are grown through completely organic means. They are not only good for your health but also your environment. Besides that, they aim at improving the quality of the lives of people who are involved in the production of this type of coffee. Farmers involved in growing this type of coffee are compensated accordingly for their labor. This is evident in that they are certified by fulfilling all fair trade policies.

Fair trade practice is very important simply because it encourages a positive change in the coffee culture. It prevents coffee farmers from being exploited. The main aim of doing this is to empower them so that they can continue growing better quality coffee.

Roast quality

The intensive dark roasting in this coffee is the factor behind a charred undertone. Actually, that is the thing that makes the Starbucks brews have their signature flavor and aroma. Additionally, the aroma in this coffee has a burnt and smoky profile. This character makes Starbucks coffee unique in terms of flavor. This is due to the excess nature of the roast. It is one of the reasons why this type of coffee has been gaining a lot of popularity over the years. Without premium pricing, the Kirkland coffee roasted by Starbucks carries the same smoky and unique flavor. After purchasing this coffee, the burnt aroma will hit you right away when you open a bag. The taste itself in this coffee is balanced. Moreover, the flavor in it will fill every mouth.

Reasonable pricing

Nowadays, most trade brands advertise their products from complex to the rich aroma. You will also find fully organic produced coffee. However, most of these products come at an extremely high price. This makes it off putting to most coffee lovers.

The main motive in fair trade is to change the coffee culture by simply empowering the farmers while at the same time protecting the environment. Unfortunately, the high price tags will turn customers away. The coffee maker is dedicated to bringing a true change by offering competitive price points for their coffee blends. All their prices are affordable for just anyone. Finally, they are attractive to the many ads on the features.

Benefits of taking Kirkland coffee

Your daily cup of Kirkland coffee might be doing more than early morning picks me up. For many years, the impact of this type of coffee has been a controversial topic. Advocates have been touting their antioxidant activity and brain boosting ability. The recent scientific evidence brings a wealth of good news if you are a Kirkland coffee lover.

It may provide a short term memory boost

The memory skills and reaction times will improve after taking this type of coffee. Kirkland coffee contains a high amount of caffeine that may affect the particular areas of the brain. It specifically affects the areas responsible for memory and concentration. This provides a boost to short term memory. However, researchers are yet to prove how long this may last. The effects may vary from person to person.

Kirkland coffee may protect against cognitive decline

Besides providing a temporary boost in brain activity, regular intake of Kirkland coffee may help in the prevention of cognitive decline that has for many years been associated with Alzheimer’s disease. There are numerous theories that tell how Kirkland coffee may prevent or protect against cognitive decline. The most common theory is that where caffeine present in this coffee prevents the buildup of beta amyloid plaque. It has also been proved that this type of coffee may lower the chances of getting type two diabetes.

It is healthy for your heart

If you are a moderate Kirkland coffee drinker, you might be lowering the chances of heart diseases when compared to light coffee drinkers. Reliable evidence has shown that coffee may support heart health. This is done by protecting against arterial damage that is normally caused by inflammation.

Kirkland coffee may help in curbing certain types of cancers

People who take Kirkland coffee are at a lower risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer. You should drink several cups of this coffee to reduce the chances of getting endometrial cancer. It has also been discovered that regular drinking of this coffee will lower the rates of liver, breast, and rectal cancers.

It lowers the risk of getting type two diabetes

Several studies have shown that Kirkland coffee may reduce the chances of getting diabetes. The chances of developing type two diabetes will drop by more than 7 percent if you consume a cup of coffee daily.

It is believed that coffee may be beneficial in keeping away type two diabetes in two ways. Besides helping the body use insulin, it will protect the insulin producing cells. Additionally, it enables the effective regulation of blood sugar. In the past, the popular blend has been associated with preventing tissue damage.

This coffee type will enhance the exercise performance

Most of us believe that coffee is quite dehydrating when taken in large amounts. It is one of the main reasons why fitness experts advise people to take coffee before and after workouts. Unlike other types of coffee, Kirkland coffee will help battle fatigue. This will enable you to exercise longer. It is worth knowing that caffeine is an endurance enhancer. It will strengthens muscle contraction. This will increase the fatty acids in the blood which will in turn support endurance.

It will help in curbing depression

There are numerous studies that have linked Kirkland coffee drinking to lower rates of depression. There is an inverse relationship between the Kirkland coffee consumption and depression. People who often take Kirkland coffee lowers the risk of depression. Caffeine present in Kirkland coffee will activate neurotransmitters that include dopamine and serotonin.

The actual maker of the Kirkland coffee

Over the years, Costco has been known for its commitment to delivering high quality products at lower price points. There are very few labels that can get people guessing like Kirkland’s signature. It is the warehouse chain house brand. Kirkland Signature is arguably the best since it provides just about everything a Costco shopper heart might desire.

The Kirkland coffee is an Arabica coffee. It is full bodied and smooth. Additionally, it is 100% Arabica beans. The highly regarded coffee is a medium dark roast with low acidity. On the other hand, Columbian coffee is cultivated in Andes Mountains. The rich volcanic soil in these mountains makes these coffee beans have good taste and aroma.

Final thoughts

Kirkland coffee has proved to be one of the best brands of coffee you will ever come across in the market. It not only come at a friendly price but also with numerous health benefits. This is the right time to join other people who have benefited from this type of coffee by purchasing Kirkland coffee. We hope that this detailed information about Kirkland coffee will help you in the future.