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Best Coffee Filters in 2021

There is no doubt that every coffee brewer needs a filter. A coffee filter will help you produce the best coffee. The role of the coffee filters is to prevent the grounds from getting into your cup. It is advisable to go for reusable coffee filters if you have been searching for something other than a disposable filter.

A coffee filter is a brewing utensil. Usually, it is manufactured with disposable paper. It allows liquid coffee to flow through. The best coffee filters will remove oily components. Keep in mind that most of the organic compounds present in unfiltered coffee contain anti-inflammatory properties. Besides drawing less acidity, it will accentuate intricate flavors of the coffee.

You might be aware that a coffee filter is one of the most popular brewing choices for single origin coffees. People prefer coffee filters since they allows the drinker to appreciate all the flavors and aromas.

The Bestselling Coffee Filters Reviewed – October 2021​

Bestseller No. 1
8-12 Cup Basket Coffee Filters (Natural Unbleached, 500)
  • High Quality - Sturdy sides won't collapse during brewing. This minimizes coffee grounds getting into your coffee.
  • Standard Size - Made to fit coffee makers from 8 cup up to 12 cup. The dimensions of this filter are: Base Diameter 3-1/4", Side Height 2-3/8"
  • Superior Taste - Paper filters remove most oils and micro coffee particles which cause coffee to turn bitter. Metal and cloth filters can let these into your cup.
  • Eco-friendly & Made In The USA - Biodegradable and made from paper, a renewable resource. All manufactured right here in the US.
  • Easy Clean Up - Disposable filters mean that you can toss the grounds without needing to clean out a metal filter.
Bestseller No. 2
#4 Cone Coffee Filters (Natural Unbleached, 100)
  • High Quality - Sturdy and resistant to tearing, these filters will keep grounds out of your coffee.
  • Standard Size - Made to fit all 12 cup coffee makers which use cone filters. Not for use with pour-over coffee makers. If you aren't sure what size coffee filter to use, please consult the packaging for your coffee brewer.
  • Superior Taste - Paper filters remove most oils and micro coffee particles which cause coffee to turn bitter. Metal and cloth filters can let these into your cup.
  • Eco-friendly & Made In The USA - Biodegradable and made from paper, a renewable resource. All manufactured right here in the US.
  • Easy Clean Up - Disposable filters mean that you can toss the grounds without needing to clean out a metal filter.
Bestseller No. 3
Melitta Basket Coffee Filters Natural Brown Unbleached 100 Count
  • Special texture-traps bitter tasting oils and sediment for better flavor
  • Filters hold their shape-won't tear
  • Natural Brown color
  • Fits most 8 to 12 cup coffee maker
Bestseller No. 4
Melitta #4 Coffee Filters, Natural Brown, 2 Pack of 100 Filters.
  • Fits all 8-cup to 12-cup cone coffeemakers
  • Add more flavor to your life
  • Thicker paper
  • Package dimensions: 10.8inches L x 13.0inches W x 20.4inches H
Bestseller No. 5
Melitta Cone Coffee Filters, Natural Brown #4, 100 Count (Pack Of 3)
  • 100% Chlorine Free
  • Microfine flavor enhancing peforations allow the full coffee flavor to fileter through
  • Double-crimp for extra strength
  • Cone coffee filters fits all coffeemakers that use a No. 4 size filter cone
  • Made in U.S.A.
Bestseller No. 6
Nicole Home Collection Coffee Filters, Basket, 8-12 Cups 300 Count
  • High Quality, Unbleached, White Paper - Sturdy sides won't collapse during brewing. This minimizes coffee grounds getting into your coffee.
  • Designed for all occasions, banquets, dinners, parties, upscale catering and home
  • Basket Filters - Fits all 8 to 12 cup electric drip coffeemakers with flat bottom basket style filter holders
  • Disposable, Eco-friendly, & Made In The USA - Biodegradable and made from paper, a renewable resource. All manufactured right here in the US.
  • Value Pack - 300 count
SaleBestseller No. 7
Melitta 600 Coffee Filters, Basket, Pack of 600, 8-12 Cups, White
  • Filters fit all 8-12 cup Basket-type household coffeemakers.
  • Melitta Coffee Filters, Basket, Pack of 600
  • Filters fit all 8-12 cup basket-type household coffeemakers
  • item package weight: 1.1 pounds
Bestseller No. 8
Melitta Basket Coffee Filters, White for 8-12 Cup , 200 ct
  • Melitta basket filters hold their shape and won’t tear.
  • Chlorine Free
  • Poly bag wrapped package of 200 filters
  • Fits 8 -12 cup basket style electric coffeemakers.
  • Melitta cone filters micro fine perforations allow coffee's full flavor to filter through as it traps bitter grounds and sediments.
  • Melitta cone filters are made with only oxygen cleansed paper and designed with a 2nd safety crimp for strength and durability, guartanteed not to burst.
Bestseller No. 9
Melitta #4 Cone Coffee Filters, Natural Brown, 100 Count (Pack of 6)
  • CONE COFFEE FILTERS: These super premium Melitta cone coffee filters will fit all 8 to 12 cup drip coffee makers that have a conical shaped filter basket - as well as most pour-over coffeemakers calling for a #4 cone coffee filter like Melitta’s new Signature and Heritage Series. Our filters trap more bitter oils & impurities for a better cup of coffee.
  • ADVANCED DESIGN: Our coffee filters feature Microfine Flavor Enhancing perforations that allow the full coffee flavor to filter through & a double crimped filter design to help protect against bursting.
  • QUALITY FILTERS: Our cone, basket and single serve filters are all designed to brew rich, flavorful coffee. They are all compostable & made of high quality paper that won't tear for mess-free brewing.
  • PERFECT BREWING: Our products are designed to provide the perfect brewing experience with a complete selection of cone coffee filters, pour-over coffee filters, basket coffee filters, single serve coffee filters & tea filters.
  • JOIN THE PURSUIT FOR BETTER COFFEE: Melitta is dedicated to providing the ultimate coffee experience with our premium coffee filters, coffee pods, pour-over brewers, coffee makers & premium coffees.
SaleBestseller No. 10
If You Care, Coffee Filters No. 4, 100 Count
  • These coffee filters are designed to give lovers of freshly ground coffee maximum pleasure while having the least possible environmental impact
  • First FSC Certified Coffee Filters
  • Unbleached filters
  • Made from Totally Chlorine free Paper
  • Great for Food Service or home use

Types of coffee filters

There are different types of coffee filters in the market. You should choose a coffee filter based on your needs and preference. It is important to know the different types of coffee filters. This will help you choose the right filter for your needs with great ease. That is the reason why we have decided to compile the different types of coffee filters. Without further ado, let us take a close look.

Paper filters

It is good to know that paper coffee filters are manufactured to fit specific sizes and shapes of coffee maker baskets. The most common shapes include cone and flat bottomed shapes. Paper filters can vary in thickness. Most manufacturers prefer making paper filters with either bleached or unbleached paper.

On the other hand, cheaper paper filter brands are made with thinner paper. It would be better if you avoid such types of paper filters simply because they will provide less filtering of the coffee oils. In most cases, you will find paper filters in a multi pack. This means that they are meant for one time use.

Metal filters

It is worth noting that metal filters are manufactured with wire mesh. Usually, the wire mesh used in this case is made from the durable stainless steel. That is the reason it is popularly referred to as a gold tone. These coffee filters will easily filter out grounds. However, keep in mind that it will not eliminate oils. You should be guaranteed that metal filters will offer you a more robust flavored coffee.

Although it is quite rare, you can also find flat shaped styles. The flat and cone shaped styles can be used by almost all coffee maker models. It is important to note that these metal filters are not absorbent. Therefore, you will not be able to soak any coffee oils. Finally, metal filters will serve you for quite a long time.

Nylon filters

You might have come across some coffee filters that have been manufactured with fine nylon mesh. Typically, the nylon mesh in these coffee filters is mounted to a plastic basket. You can agree with me that these coffee filters come with filtration qualities similar to the metal filters. The most preferred nylon coffee filters are available in a cone and flat bottomed styles. When compared to metal filters, nylon filters are less durable and cheaper. However, they will last for very many years if you clean and handle them with great care.

Cloth filters

It is arguably one of the most popular coffee filters in the market. This type of coffee filter is manufactured with natural fabric such as cotton and muslin. Cloth filters are dropped into the filter basket. In that case, they will allow more of the coffee grounds to flow through. Additionally, cloth filters boast of large size of fabric weave openings. You can use cloth filters for several months.

Charcoal water filters

You might have seen some coffee machines which feature an internal water filter. The role of the filter is to remove impurities such as calcium and other minerals. You will be required to replace the coffee filters regularly. This should happen more so if you are in hard areas. Such types of filters are designed for different kinds of machines. They are designed to remove the impurities by using charcoal that has been included in the pod.

Cold brew filters

Extra-large cold brew coffee systems run coffee through a brewing container. It will hold a considerable amount of water and coffee beans. To improve convenience, the cold brew filters utilize the cloth filter bags that usually drop inside the container.

How to choose the right coffee filters for your needs

You can attest that there are multiple coffee filter models out in the market. Therefore, it can be an overwhelming task choosing the best coffee filters. After thorough research, we have analyzed the most important factors to consider any time when looking for your dream coffee filter. Here are the most crucial things you should never forget.


The method of filtration will affect the final taste of the brewed coffee. As we said earlier, the coffee filters are manufactured with absorbent fibers such as cloth and paper filters. You should consider cloth or paper filters if you want something that can soak up more of the coffee oils while at the same time removing some of the flavor. Nowadays, most people prefer Turkish style coffee. This type of coffee allows sediment to flow through the filter. You will be able to filter more ground coffee when you go for filters that are manufactured with a loose weave.

In case you love having a strong cup of coffee, then a plastic filter will make all your dreams come true. You will be assured that the plastic filter and metal filter will deliver maximum caffeine and java intensity.


Nowadays, paper coffee filters are the least expensive when compared to other types of coffee filters. However, they should be replaced with each new pot of coffee. This means that your costs will increase over time. It is advisable to purchase reliable paper coffee filters in bulk. There is no doubt that it is a smart choice to keep your cost per filter low.

While reusable coffee filters might be the best, they cost more at the outset. If you want a coffee filter that can be used over and over again, then you should not leave it. You will have reduced your cost over time. Kindly choose a coffee filter that is manufactured with high quality materials such as fine mesh and gold tone. Such materials will not only increase the durability of your coffee filter but also extend its life. The best coffee filters in the market should be able to last for many years. They should provide you with good value over its lifetime.


You can pick and discard disposable coffee filters in the trash or even in the recycling bin. It is possible to do that ready for the next batch. Unlike other types of coffee filters, you can dump out and clean the reusable coffee filters after each use. It all depends on the model of coffee filter you are using. However, remember that you will be required to scrub the coffee filter gently with a strong brush.

Environmental impact

This is the right time to know that paper filters are good to the environment. You should use paper coffee once before taking them to the landfill. Additionally, some of these coffee filters are manufactured with bleached paper. It is said that the bleached paper undergoes additional manufacturing processes. These manufacturing processes require chemicals while still impacting on the environment.

It is recommended you purchase unbleached paper if you are choosing a paper filter. You will not be required to replace the reusable filters for a long time. Materials used to make these types of coffee filters will vary in environmental impact. You should always go for a high quality coffee filter with a long lifespan when you are choosing reusable ones.


Quality is the first factor that should come into your mind when purchasing anything. You should choose the right coffee filters if you really want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Additionally, you will have saved your cents of buying coffee filters regularly. Therefore, you will only have yourself to blame.

Although they might be expensive, you can purchase thicker filters. Thicker filters are considered to be the best since they do not let water pass through fast. Unfortunately, they are not the best simply because they let water through fast. This will hurt the brewing process.

Bleached and unbleached coffee filters

There are numerous bleached and unbleached filters out in the market. In this part, we will take a close look at the main differences.

Bleached coffee filters

best coffee filters

Bleached coffee filters are simply papers that have undergone a bleaching process. This makes them appear white. There are only two products which are used in the bleaching process. The two chemicals which are mostly used are oxygen and chlorine.

In the past, chlorine has been used to brighten coffee filters. However, it will not whiten the paper filter in a better way than oxygen. With that in mind, you can use oxygen if you really want to get good quality and reliable coffee filters. So, if you are searching for high quality bleached coffee filters, then it would be better if you go for those that have been bleached with oxygen.

Unfortunately, it is said that most of these filters are not friendly to the environment. It has been discovered that these types of coffee filters can pollute the environment when discarded in the wrong way. They will be harmful to the environment even when a small amount of bleach is used. Oxygen based coffee filters are the perfect choice since they are much more environmentally friendly when compared to chlorine.

Unbleached coffee filters

Unlike bleached coffee filters, they do not have a bright look. Actually, these coffee filters are a bit dark and more natural. Additionally, they are more environmentally friendly. Remember that unbleached coffee filters do not undergo any manufacturing process. This means that they will not harm the environment when they break down.

If you want to have the best times with these types of coffee filters, you should avoid some things. This ensures that your coffee does not have the taste of paper. Kindly consider the following if you want to have the best experience.

1.Place your filter in your coffee maker.
2.You should pour a little water to wet the entire filter.
3.It is advisable to discard the water you used to wet the filter and brew your coffee.

After following all these instructions carefully, it will be hard to tell the difference between coffee made with a bleached coffee filter and that one prepared using the unbleached coffee filters.

Coffee filters that will affect the taste of coffee

People who have used metal and paper filters have been claiming that they produce very different coffee taste. This may impact greatly which one you purchase. When compared to the paper coffer filters, metal filters do not remove as much of the caffeine from coffee. Therefore, your coffee will end up with more oil. This guarantees you a bolder and richer coffee when compared to what you get with a paper coffee filter.

Metal coffee filters have proved to be a sure bet if you are one of those people who thirst for a fuller body cup of coffee with a bold flavor. On the other hand, paper coffee filters will deliver a much brighter flavored drink. The coffee will be much lighter in the body. Most coffee lovers prefer this taste. Kindly be careful with your paper coffee filters since the coffee can taste paper.

Final thoughts

You can now see what you should look at when purchasing coffee filters. It is important to choose your coffee filter wisely since it can influence on the coffee taste. We hope that you will find this detailed article helpful in the future.